About the Marathon

The Athletic Marathon Ohrid initiative board is officially formed in 2012. However, the board members were organizing this marathon even since 2004 without the officially formed board. This year the tradition of organizing this Marathon continues.

The Marathon is continually taking its place since 1976 till 1993. We started with 4 participants in 1976 and got to a record breaking 150 participants in 2017. The Event used to take place on the 7th of November by the year of 1993 but Since 2004 this Marathon is taking its place on the 8th of September (Independence Day in the Republic of Macedonia).

Here are some facts.

  • The male trail record is held by Abel Kibet Rop from Kenya, finishing the trail in 1:34:58 set in 2016.
  • The female trail record is held by Rebecca Jepchirchir from Kenya, finishing the trail in 1:48:12, set in 2015.
  • The record number of wins is held by Zhivko Stojcheski with 5 wins in a row.
  • The participation record is held by Slavcho Simonovski with total of 16 participations until the year of 2016.

Running Tracks

The marathon starts at st. Naum and the finish line is at the Culture House Ohrid. The Track is 30km long and dances along the Beautifull Ohrid Lake Coast. You will enjoy the Gorgeous scenery, Fresh air, and Nature untouched by humans. Because the trail is full of Uphills and Downhills this race is challenging even for the most Hardcore and experienced Runners.

The race is considered to be one of the hardest in the world.

30km Track

5km Track


Be a Part of Ohrid’s Oldest Athletic Maraton!